November 13, 2019

New York Times Quotes Ani Hovanessian on the Importance of Trust and Estates Attorneys in Creating a Winning Divorce Strategy

1 min

Ani Hovanessian was quoted in the New York Times about the importance of assembling the right team of advisors, including a trust and estates attorney, to create a winning divorce strategy.

According to the article, a trust and estates lawyer can help untangle how certain assets were handled during the marriage, along with the crucial task of reconfiguring the estate plan so that it is in line with the client's wishes as well as the divorce agreement, and ensures that the ex-spouse does not inadvertently inherit assets. That means choosing new beneficiaries on company 401(k) accounts; clarifying a living will; reassigning powers of attorney; and changing HIPAA authorizations, healthcare proxies, and more. "These are important documents," says Hovanessian. "You need to think about who you want to give these responsibilities to."

And because so many other decisions you're making can also influence your estate, this team player is thinking ahead to factor in everything. "We are dotting all the i's and crossing the t's so clients don't have to," Hovanessian says.