January 07, 2020

Good Morning America Features Cindy Zuniga on Finance Influencers in Social Media

1 min

On January 7, 2020, Good Morning America featured Cindy Zuniga's journey to pay off her student debt in a story about social media influencers serving as resources for personal finance education.

According to the article, Zuniga was inspired by Bola Sokunbi, a certified financial education instructor who persuades others to save by "sharing her wealth" of information on her social media page, Clever Girl Finance. Zuniga used Sokunbi’s tips to pay off $215,000 worth of law school student loan debt in just four years.

"I'm a millennial. Where do I go? Social media," Zuniga told Good Morning America. "And so for me, the appeal was here's a female content creator that's just delivering this in a fun way, creating a colorful and lively feed full of actual substantive information that I can take and apply to my everyday life."

After following Sokunbi's tips and reprioritizing what she spent her money on, Zuniga said she learned how to refinance her loan, automate payments, and cut back on expenses like eating out. She was even inspired to create her own personal finance coaching business called Zero Based Budget.

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