February 19, 2020

FoodNavigator-USA Quotes Angel Garganta on the Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging LaCroix’s Natural Ingredient Labeling

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On February 19, 2020, Angel Garganta was quoted in FoodNavigator-USA regarding the dismissal of a high-profile lawsuit challenging LaCroix's natural ingredient labeling.

According to the article, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit in October 2018 accusing National Beverage Corporation, the parent company of LaCroix, of falsely advertising the flavoring substances in LaCroix's sparkling water as 100% natural. After 16 months of legal wrangling, the plaintiff retracted her claims, and both parties agreed to a joint stipulation dismissing the case with prejudice.

"This is very unusual indeed," said Garganta. "I don't recall ever seeing a plaintiff and her firm not only dismiss their case, but publicly recant their allegations. It looks like Natural Beverage's aggressive defense worked."