August 24, 2020

Los Angeles Times Quotes Alex Weingarten on the Use of Popular Music During Campaign Rallies

2 min

On August 24, 2020, Alex Weingarten was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the Trump campaign’s use of popular music during political events.

According to the article, campaigns buy blanket licenses that allow them to play at public events any song from the catalogs of performing rights organizations. An artist or rights owner can opt out of allowing its music to be used in blanket license bundles, or specify that their work not be used in political campaigns.

It is common for a musician to cry foul when a politician selects their song to pump up crowds during appearances. Embarrassed that a popular musician is criticizing the candidate, and eager for the news cycle to pass, the campaign usually deletes the song from its playlist. However, President Trump’s determined approach to music selection has shattered norms. Despite artists lodging numerous complaints regarding his use of their music, Trump continues to close out his rallies with their songs.

"[Trump] feels very comfortable using litigation as a tool in his ultimate business or political interests. He's got lawyers at the ready, Weingarten said, “and because he doesn’t care about litigating it, and because other people do, he uses that factor to his advantage.

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