September 04, 2020

Managing Intellectual Property Quotes Meaghan Kent on Tackling Private Social Media Groups Run by Counterfeiters

1 min

On September 4, 2020, Meaghan Kent was quoted in Managing Intellectual Property on tackling private social media groups run by counterfeiters.

According to the article, as companies develop better tools to uncover fakes, counterfeiters come up with better ways to get around them. Private groups on social media platforms are one of the latest ways that fraudsters sell products to consumers directly. Because they are private, they often don’t show up in counterfeit-monitoring exercises.

Kent says businesses spend a lot of time and money running searches for counterfeits, and that sometimes they can find marketplace social media groups through these searches. But she notes that despite brands’ best efforts, there are plenty they can’t find. She adds that brands can learn about private groups from customers who have tried to return faulty products but cannot secure an exchange or refund.