January 14, 2021

DesignIntelligence Features Jamie Frankel on the Impact of COVID-19 on the New York City Development Community and Beyond

1 min

On April 1, 2020, Jamie Frankel was featured on DesignIntelligence’s podcast, This is DesignIntelligence, where he discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the New York City development community and the design community as a whole, sharing his observations on how COVID-19 impacts labor, the supply chain, liability coverage, contractual documentation, and why danger and fear are not the same thing.

“There’s a big difference between fear and danger, yet most people are treating them as the same at this time. Fear is expressed in a generalized manner. It causes people to feel scared, worried, and upset, and it leads to a paralysis. Dangers, however, are specific, and they require immediate action. Depending upon the way your clients and ours treat fear and segregate it from danger will make a difference in how they communicate about the common problems that projects will be facing during and post COVID,” said Frankel. “The question around the conference room table is how can we bring value to our clients, not waste this crisis, and secure the future of our design firm, or construction firm, or professional services firm. You have to move away from paralysis,” he said.