August 20, 2021

McLean Connection Quotes Evan Pritchard on the McLean Community Business Center

2 min

On August 20, 2021, Evan Pritchard was quoted in the McLean Connection on the Comprehensive Plan Amendment for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC).

According to the article, on June 22, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted the Planning Commission's Plan Amendment (PA) 2018-II-M1 Comprehensive Plan Guidance for the McLean CBC. In the first two months after the plan was adopted, the approximately 230-acre area centered around the intersection of Chain Bridge Road and Old Dominion Drive has not received applications from developers.

The Connection asked Pritchard if the adopted comprehensive plan for the CBC was good enough to pull in developers. "That's a tough one to answer. I'd say that it's definitely a big open question as to whether the plan offers enough height and density to incentivize somebody to do the big development that people are looking for for the three-quarter-acre park," Pritchard said. "Many things have to go right for a big development to move forward," he added.

Pritchard forecasted that, more than likely, the first redevelopment movement would be elsewhere in the CBC. Pritchard qualified his statement by saying that he thought Dorgan and Foust were aware that where planners wanted Central Park, many owners would need to cooperate, or a party would have to come along "and assemble." "Someone's going to have to consolidate a lot of lots to have the development that's big enough to provide the public park … One person could make this very difficult."

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