Washington Post quotes Jamie Barnett on President Obama’s new intelligence advisor

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Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett was quoted in an August 29, 2014 Washington Post article on former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Julius Genachowski’s new position in the Obama Administration. Genachowski will now serve on the president’s intelligence advisory board, a small panel providing counsel on the country’s spy agencies.

According to Admiral Barnett, the president is likely interested in Genachowski’s cybersecurity work while he was at the FCC. “In a lot of ways, he started the FCC on its cybersecurity path. Some of the things Chairman Wheeler's doing now [on cybersecurity] is based on work that was done by Genachowski,” he said. “With all of the stuff going on in cybersecurity and how that affects intelligence — that makes a lot of sense to me.”