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In an article on November 13, 2012, Adweek quoted Venable partner Amy Mudge on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) aggressive regulatory campaign against the nation's largest brands for deceptive advertising. Three years ago, upon joining the FTC as the director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, David Vladeck promised to crack down on big-name brands for deceptive advertising, and he has proved diligent in keeping that promise.

Mudge believes "Vladeck’s background in litigation rather than management has shaped his fearlessness," noting that "he has spent his career trying difficult cases." She said that "The FTC isn’t limiting itself to cases they know they can win—they’re bringing test cases that the bureau believes are in the public interest, even if they are difficult to win."

Commenting on recent monumental FTC settlements with ethics violators, Mudge said "No longer content with cease and desist agreements, the FTC is seeking deterrents with the pricey settlements. They want to bring cases that will get more press. And they know they’ll get more press if they settle for millions of dollars."