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Venable partner Brian Turoff was quoted in an October 20, 2016 Human Resource Executive article on challenges to the Department of Labor’s new overtime rules set to take effect later this year. The rules more than doubled the salary level at which employees may receive overtime pay from $23,660 to $47,476. Two lawsuits by 21 states and nine advocacy organizations are challenging the Labor Department’s ability to raise the salary level and a provision that automatically raises it every three years.

Turoff said the new rules would likely lead employers to "stop recruiting for certain positions, cut employee hours, split job duties, or introduce job sharing to avoid paying overtime." He added, "[Another] point being raised by both lawsuits is that this is in violation of the way the law requires [DOL] to change the law," pointing to a requirement that DOL must publish a suggested salary and consider public comment. "It can't just magically put in a new number."