March 13, 2014 - ET

"Cybersecurity Issues in Dealmaking - What You Need to Know," ACG Webinar

This event has already occurred.

Over the past several months there have been a number of high-profile breaches of data security. These breaches have not only caused billions of dollars in losses, but have tarnished the reputation of several well-known companies. This webinar will review the regulatory framework for cybersecurity matters and discuss crucial cybersecurity issues that you need to be aware of – both in the context of stand-alone businesses and also in the context of dealmaking.

The panelists will walk through a hypothetical deal and examine the cybersecurity considerations for all parties involved in the deal, discussing variations and how the cybersecurity issues change for all parties. Highlights include

  • A review of the current regulatory landscape for cybersecurity issues
  • Best practices for protecting your business' cybersecurity
  • A thorough review of cybersecurity issues in the context of dealmaking

Scott Gluck, Counsel, Venable LLP

Jamie Barnett, Partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral, Venable LLP
Ralph Sharpe, Partner, Venable LLP