February 05, 2019

The American Bar Association’s Consumer Protection Conference

Mobile Marketing: Can Law Keep Up?

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Nashville, TN

Dan Blynn presented "Mobile Marketing: Can Law Keep Up?" at the American Bar Association’s Consumer Protection Conference on February 5, 2019.

There are more mobile devices than there are people in the world, with more ways for businesses to stay in touch with their customer base and to make new contacts. But while personal contact with consumers on their mobile devices has the potential for huge benefits, it also can be fraught with risk. Companies need to understand their calling technology and the laws implicated by such technology. Have the laws become too complicated, and are they preventing innovation? What are government enforcers doing to protect against illegal robocalls, and does this approach leave a viable path for lawful mobile marketing? And is mobile marketing law flexible enough for autodialers, manual dialers, instant messaging, SMS, push notifications, and other forms of mobile outreach?