November 02, 2020 - ET

Credit Union National Association

De-Risking: No Joking Matter—Fine-Tuning Your CDD

This event has already occurred.

Venable partner Laura Biddle will present “De-Risking: No Joking Matter—Fine-Tuning Your CDD” as part of the CUNA BSA/AML Certification eschool with NASCUS on November 2. De-risking is a complex issue, but one that credit unions must get right. To maintain a member relationship or portfolio while unable to properly manage the risk is to invite disaster. On the other hand, to de-risk from an overabundance of caution or for frugality may result in the denial of basic financial services to law-abiding, and sometimes marginalized, groups. This session will look at the compliance and social nuances of de-risking, providing attendees a framework through which to analyze these issues in their credit union. The CUNA BSA/AML Certification eSchool with NASCUS is designed for credit union compliance and BSA professionals.

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