May 12, 2021 - 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Insurance Coverage and Disputes Series

What Every Lawyer Should Know About Insurance Coverage

Thursday, January 14, 2021

All lawyers need a basic understanding of how insurance works in order to protect their clients, their company, and their reputation. Whether outside counsel, in-house, litigation, transactional, or otherwise, there is almost no legal practice that does not in some way involve some aspect of insurance. This one-hour program touches on the key points every lawyer should know.

This program is a kick-off to a new series on Insurance Coverage and Disputes. Subsequent programs in this series will dive deeper into specific lines of insurance and how a specific type of coverage can impact your business. 


John Worden, Partner, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Nicole King, Associate, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Construction Insurance Coverage and Claims

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

In-house and outside counsel, risk managers, and insurance brokers for owners, developers, contractors, and tenants all play integral parts in a construction project and must understand the types of construction policies available for that project. Join us for a discussion of the basic building blocks and vocabulary of coverage, the types of construction insurance available, and how it all fits together as the project progresses. This one-hour program will also discuss important considerations for construction contracts and the steps the insured should take when they suspect a claim, as well as commonly litigated exclusions.


Heidi Rowe, Partner, Construction and Infrastructure, Venable LLP

Michael O'Connor, Partner, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Benjamin Argyle, Associate, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Captive Insurance in the Age of COVID-19

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 | 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ET

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance markets are hardening and insurers may be facing significant losses, particularly if they do not prevail in the pending business interruption coverage disputes. Companies looking to obtain or renew their insurance portfolios should expect higher deductibles, higher premiums, reduced policy limits, and more limited terms of coverage. In such a market, companies should consider whether a captive insurance program can meet their needs more economically.

A captive insurer is an insurer covering affiliated, related, or similar insureds through the issuance of insurance policies in exchange for the payment of premiums. A captive insurance program can potentially provide a company access to insurance coverage not otherwise reasonably available on the market, reduce a company’s risk management costs, and provide the ability to customize and broaden insurance coverage.

Captive insurance arrangements may yield tax benefits if structured properly and with the appropriate business purpose. Companies considering a captive insurance arrangement must be prepared to document the business case for the captive insurer and operate the captive insurer in the same manner as a normal insurance company.

Join us for a discussion of captive insurance programs. This one-hour webinar will discuss the basics of captive insurance, costs and benefits of captive insurance, and factors to consider when evaluating whether captive insurance is right for your company.


Michael Davis, Partner, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Mary Gardner, Associate, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Christopher Moran, Associate, Tax, Venable LLP

July 2021: Entertainment and Media Liability Claims

There is more demand for content than ever, and media and entertainment companies face a wide variety of challenges that come along with the increase in production and distribution of content. In house and outside counsel for media and entertainment companies need a working knowledge of how to deal with the insurance issues that arise in their businesses, including the types of insurance policies which may cover the legal risks they face, how to navigate the issues that arise when dealing with insurers, such as selection of counsel, allocation between covered and uncovered claims, and who controls the settlement of a claim. Join us for a discussion of the types of insurance policies that may provide coverage for claims arising from popular content genres like docudramas and reality television shows, such as libel and invasion of privacy claims, as well as claims arising from the actual production of these programs, such as cast coverage, civil authority and extra expense coverage (including COVID-related stoppages), and event cancellation.


Sarah Cronin, Partner, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP

Ethan Barnes, Associate, Insurance Coverage and Disputes, Venable LLP