February 09 - 10, 2023

American Conference Institute

6th Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum

This event has already occurred.

Venable counsel, Jennifer Malloy joined speakers for the 6th Annual Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance (ACI) Forum on Advertising Claims Substantiation. ACI’s forum was held virtually February 9th – 10th.

Jennifer along with other speakers discussed ‘Don’t be Dark and Twisty: Identifying and Preventing Dark Patterns in Claims Substantiation.’ The speakers defined dark patterns and what they entail, examining the fine line between good marketing versus unlawful marketing relative to dark patterns, and understanding the nexus between dark patterns and consumer manipulation, among other topics.

ACI’s forum aims to find solutions to the challenges of substantiating claims in this new era of advertising. While the modalities of advertising may change, advertising’s core tenant of claims substantiation remains an unwavering constant. As such, legal and regulatory professionals in marketing and advertising set their calendars for this industry-leading event and recognize it as the premier source of information and practical guidance in this area of practice.

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