July 2011

A Collection of Venable's Nonprofit Legal Articles and Presentations from the Second Quarter of 2011

2 min

As we have done previously (e.g., click here for our second quarter 2010 Alert, click here for our third and fourth quarter 2010 Alert, and click here for our first quarter 2011 Alert), Venable's Nonprofit Organizations Practice Group will share the best of the nonprofit legal articles and PowerPoint presentations (and, for our in-house seminars/webinars, recordings of presentations) published or delivered by our attorneys. Our group has put together some very interesting, useful materials that should be of help to your organization as you tackle the always-challenging array of legal issues facing nonprofits.

To read any of these articles, alerts, handouts or PowerPoint presentations, please click on the title.

WWW.What?: What the Impending New Domain Names Mean for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Salary Trends and Executive Compensation Issues

Staying Current on Insurance Issues Confronting Nonprofit Organizations

Records and Information Management and Retention: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know

Nonprofits and the IRS: Unrelated Business Income Tax and More (Recording Available)

Important Change to the Domain Name System: What Nonprofits Need to Know

Conducting International Operations: Keys for Nonprofits

IRS Announces First Round of Revocations for Nonprofits that Failed to File Form 990 What It Takes to Give: Legal Challenges Associated with Celebrity Philanthropy

Sponsorships, Advertising, Endorsements and Cause Marketing: Understanding Critical UBIT Issues for Nonprofits (Recording Available)

IRS Nonprofit College & University Compliance Project: Findings, Examinations and Mock Audits

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Online and Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Online Social Media and Nonprofits: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls (ACC Webcast)

Focus on Misclassification: Are Your Nonprofit’s Workers 'Employees' or independent Contractors?' (Recording Available)

Online Social Media and Nonprofits: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls (ASAE FHRBO Symposium)

Top Five Privacy and Data Security Issues for Nonprofit Organizations

Classification of Scientific Society Workers: 'Employees' Versus independent Contractors'

Star Power: Celebrity Involvement in Charitable Causes Raises both Tax and Business Affairs Issues

Preventing Embezzlement and Fraud in Nonprofit Organizations

Developing and Managing a Successful Fundraising Campaign (Recording Available)

Raising Funds, Not Eyebrows: Legal Considerations in Fundraising

Steering Clear of the Most Common Legal Hazards in Hotel, Convention Center and Meeting Contracts