March 2014 | The Rocket Docket News

President's Report

1 min

Damon Wright serves as the President of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, an organization comprised of regular practitioners and judges in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division.  The latest edition of its publication, The Rocket Docket News, features Damon’s President’s Report.  There, Damon explains: “We are privileged to practice in a special legal community, where an experienced Rocket Docket litigator knows the rules will be enforced, games will not tolerated, and professionalism is paramount. Our chapter adds to this by promoting collegiality among the bar and by facilitating valuable education about the Court’s practices.” 

To see the rest of Damon’s remarks and a copy of the latest edition of The Rocket Docket News, please click here.