August 11, 2017 | Thomson Reuters Westlaw

Additive Manufacturing, Increasing Intellectual Property

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Steven J. Schwarz, Meaghan H. Kent, Tamatane J. Aga, and Briana C. Rizzo published "Additive Manufacturing, Increasing Intellectual Property" in Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

Here is an excerpt:

Distributed counterfeiting, out-of-control infringement, Napster of olden days — to many attorneys and other legal professionals, the rise of additive manufacturing (or 3-D printing) invokes fears of the demise of intellectual property. To date, however, few of the feared abuses of additive manufacturing have materialized. Instead, the industries and intellectual property surrounding additive manufacturing are healthy and robust. Engineers and scientists are using additive manufacturing for innovations in a wide range of industries, including consumer products, aeronautics, medical devices and surgical tools, tissue and organ engineering, and pharmaceuticals.