December 20, 2017 | InsideARM

Alex Megaris publishes "The Keys to Managing Regulatory Change" in InsideARM

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"The Keys to Managing Regulatory Change" article by Venable counsel, Alex Megaris, was published in InsideARM on December 20, 2017. Here is an excerpt:

What Are the Core Elements of a Regulatory Change Management System?

Effectively implementing changes to business processes in order to comply with changes in the law or to incorporate best practices can be challenging, depending on the size and complexity of the change and how many (and which) of the company’s systems, teams, and processes are impacted.

"Take the example of out-of-statute debt disclosures. By 2012, the FTC, followed by the CFPB, signaled through enforcement actions that the failure to affirmatively disclose to consumers that any debt being collected that was past the applicable statute of limitations likely would be considered a prima facie case of threatening to sue on out-of-statute debt, in violation of the FDCPA. Meanwhile, several states passed laws or regulations to require such a disclosure. Debt collection companies had to decide whether to proactively implement such a disclosure across the board, even in states where it is not legally required, and further had to decide (1) which letters should include the disclosure, (2) whether to make verbal disclosures, (3) what language to use, and (4) how quickly to roll out, given other legal and business priorities."