June 06, 2018 | AmCham Norway

On Patents: A Starting Point for Evaluating the Benefits and Assessment of Strategies

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"On Patents: A Starting Point for Evaluating the Benefits and Assessments of Strategies" article by Andrew Pratt published on June 6, 2018, in AmCham Norway. Here is an excerpt:

Innovative businesses compete in crowded marketplaces where unprotected inventions are quickly copied and sold in direct competition with the innovator's products. While many factors can affect a company's success in the marketplace, patents—or the absence of them— can be the difference between thriving or merely surviving, or worse. This article focuses on what patents are, how they are used, and a few basic strategies to build from. The concepts have general applicability to all major markets and patent systems, including both Norway and the United States, but is written from the perspective of the United States market and patent system. Note that patent systems differ from country to country, and so anyone pursuing a patent strategy should proceed carefully and seek advice.