May 06, 2020 | Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property

In the Age of Digital Interconnectivity

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On May 6, 2020, Meaghan Kent and Thai Su published "In the Age of Digital Interconnectivity, API is Front and Center" in Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property. The following is an excerpt:

In today's digital world, APIs, or application programming interfaces, play a rapidly growing role in meeting our need for more interconnectivity. APIs are software intermediaries that allow different programs and applications to share data — communicating and interacting with each other to expand business functionalities.

As we all grow increasingly reliant on remote access and work, API will continue to serve as an essential element of facilitating business and everyday life. To that end, every business needs to consider how best to protect this valuable resource. In this article, we discuss several ways in which legal issues surrounding APIs arise and how businesses can better protect their APIs.