September 18, 2020

It’s High Time for the Cannabis Industry to Pay Attention to Contact Compliance

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On September 17, 2020, Dan Blynn published "It’s High Time for the Cannabis Industry to Pay Attention to Contact Compliance" in Cannabis Industry Journal. The following is an excerpt:

Communicating with consumers through the telephone—either by text messages or by calls—is a great way to engage with them. Indeed, a recent analysis of text messaging trends reveals that most consumers check their cell phones more than 20 times a day, with almost 20% saying they check it more than 50 times. Text messages have a nearly five-times higher open rate than email, and the average consumer has 96 unread emails in his inbox compared to about one unread text message at any given time. In short, used properly, text messaging is an effective medium to reach consumers. And cannabis companies have embraced texting with open arms, especially given that other forms of advertising currently are off limits to the industry. But with the utility of text messaging consumers comes substantial risk.

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