Venable's Hiring Committee makes a concerted effort to interview minority candidates who have demonstrated factors of success, including academic achievement and other credentials.  For the past two decades, all of our entering classes of associates and summer associates have had significant minority representation. In fact, for every year since 2005, minorities represented 20 percent or more of our entering associate class.

In our effort to identify and attract minority candidates, we place a strong emphasis on initiatives such as on-campus recruiting at law schools and job fairs with significant minority populations as well as outreach efforts to minority student organizations.  In addition, Venable has been an active participant and contributor to the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and organizations such as the Just the Beginning Foundation, DC Minority Partners and other groups devoted to recruiting promising minority students to the legal profession.

Venable attorneys also are well represented in the National Bar Association, the oldest and largest national association of predominately African American lawyers and judges in the country, as well as the American Bar Association's Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession.