Retention, Mentoring and Professional Development Programs

Venable has active programs in place that assist our minority retention, mentoring and professional development efforts.  These include our Preceptor Program, in which all first- and second-year associates are assigned to a "Preceptor," typically a partner or senior associate, who is responsible for the new lawyer's training and integration into the firm.  Each new attorney is matched with a lawyer who has accepted responsibility for that new attorney's initial success at Venable.

Another long-running program at Venable is the Venable Success Network, which is designed to help minority attorneys develop a strong network of colleagues within the firm.  Chaired by partner Lisa Tavares, the Venable Success Network hosts social and professional development gatherings of minority lawyers several times a year.  Through these events, the attorneys develop relationships and enhance each other's profile with clients and community leaders, as well as within the firm itself.