Women Attorneys at Venable

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Women Attorneys at Venable (WAVe) is a diverse group of women attorneys and firm professionals whose mission is to improve the rate of retention, promotion, and advancement of women attorneys within the firm, and to increase the number and strength of women attorney applicants. 


  • We are Venable professionals united by the common conviction that a woman's professional success depends on her ability to create and grow a strong, sustainable legal practice that contributes to the economic success of the law firm. 
  • We are empowered by the law firm’s partners and leadership, who strive to attract and retain the most diverse and productive legal talent.
  • Our members are attorneys, legislative advisors, and other professionals of all levels of experience, including firm managers and leaders.
  • We are a member of WILEF (Women in Law Empowerment Forum), the premier organization for women in law exclusively dedicated to women from the largest law firms and corporate law departments in the United States. Venable was recently awarded the Gold Standard Certification, a status granted to major law firms with 300 or more attorneys who meet objective criteria concerning the number of women among equity partners, in firm leadership positions, and among the ranks of the most highly compensated partners.
  • We are self-governed by a Steering Committee, led by Co-Chairs, and we execute through standing committees and special committees.


We prioritize our resources to maximize our effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Creating business networking opportunities for women;
  • Providing women with professional education and training that promote business development and leadership; and
  • Advocating for firm policies that support women’s business networking, education, training, and professional development.
Our Statement of Purpose articulates our vision and mission.


  • We are not a social or philanthropic organization.
  • We selectively commit our resources to only those activities that will most effectively and efficiently advance our ultimate goal: to promote the economic contributions of women to the law firm.




Colleen M. Mallon, Co-Chair
Stephanie L. DeLong, Co-Chair
Jennifer J. Bruton 
Kelly A. DeMarchis 
Nora E. Garrote 
Caroline P. Gately 
Megan H. Mann 
Doreen S. Martin 
Lindsay B. Meyer 
Amy R. Mudge  
Margaret Lynch Selwood 
Moxila A. Upadhyaya