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Asian Pacific Excellence (APEX)

APEX provides a forum for our Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) attorneys to strengthen their internal and external networks and accelerate their professional development. The group hosts a speaker series, panel discussions, and other gathering opportunities that allow members and their allies to explore and address a range of topics of particular significance to this community. These include everything from the so-called model minority myth and navigating micro-aggressions in the workplace and beyond, to the recent rise in verbal and physical attacks against AAPI individuals. Along with shedding light on these underexplored issues, APEX aims to enhance AAPI representation in the legal field. Although a significant percentage of graduates from the top 30 law schools identify as AAPI, the community has the highest attrition rates and the lowest ratio of partners to associates among all racial groups. By examining the underlying reasons for this situation, and providing meaningful mentorship and networking opportunities, APEX supports its members in cultivating rewarding legal careers.