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On Tuesday, April 18, Alexander Koff and Jeb Cook are appearing before the Court of Appeals of Maryland's Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure (the "Rules Committee") to discuss the recommendations of a Task Force Report recommending, among other things, that Maryland should allow foreign lawyers to gain "foreign legal consultant" status within the state. Alexander Koff serves as Chair of the International Law Committee of the Business Law Section of the Maryland State Bar Association.


In April 2015, the Court of Appeals (Maryland's highest court) requested assistance from the Rules Committee on the question of whether non-U.S. qualified lawyers should be permitted to practice law in Maryland. The Rules Committee sought the assistance of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA). The MSBA referred the matter to the International Law Committee of its Business Law Section, which organized a Task Force to study and provide guidance advice on the matter. The Committee prepared a 150+ page report. The report and recommendations of the Task Force were adopted in their entirely by the MSBA Board of Governors at its meeting on November 15, 2016.