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Jamie Barnett was quoted in an article about how the FCC may consider more action on contraband cell phones in prisons in Communications Daily on November 16, 2017.

According to the article, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai appears poised to make another move on contraband cell phones in prisons. In March, commissioners approved an order that focused on quicker deployment of contraband interdiction systems as an alternative to jamming. In September, DOJ said the Communications Act "does not necessarily preclude" jamming.

Pai "has been very vocal about wanting to address the epidemic of contraband cell phones in prisons and the crime that they facilitate," said Barnett. "Commissioner Carr also has been diligent in searching for innovative technical solutions." Berry's tweet "seems to be a signal of frustration and possibly indicates that the FCC may move forward with one or more solutions," Barnett said. "The chairman may be showing an independent streak on this issue."