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Speaking Engagements

January 18, 2018 PDT

111 N Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

William Briggs presents "Entertainment, Discrimination, and the First Amendment" at the 15th Annual Entertainment and Media Law Conference hosted by the Media Law Resource Center (MLRC)

With recent scandals shining a spotlight on Hollywood's casting practices, how much leeway do producers and other content creators have in hiring and termination decisions? Can they audition only old men for the role of a grumpy grandfather, and only young men for a happy-go-lucky fresh face? Can they fire an actress who, contrary to her character, gets pregnant? Can a producer protect a script-writer whose jokes in the writer’s room – or on social media – cross the line? Through a series of hypotheticals, this panel will explore the tension between the First Amendment and employment laws (including a pending California Supreme Court dispute), the applicability of anti-SLAPP laws, and advice for managing the public relations fires that can erupt in these cases.

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