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Venable Attorneys Making Our Success (VAMOS)

VAMOS celebrates and supports our diverse Hispanic/Latino/a/x  attorneys and professionals, while serving as a forum where our members and their allies can exchange thoughts and information relevant to their life experiences and career paths. Through sponsorship opportunities, including professional development workshops, mentorship programs, seminars, and discussions featuring distinguished speakers, VAMOS works to promote Venable’s Hispanic/Latino/a/x voices and to empower our members across the firm. We strive to increase retention rates among our Hispanic/Latino/a/x attorneys by helping them cultivate relationships with clients, diverse bar organizations, and community organizations that can further their personal and professional development. VAMOS also works to cultivate a robust recruiting pipeline by enhancing the firm’s relationship with campus affinity groups and other POC organizations across local and national law schools. Recognizing the need to pay it forward, we encourage and support outreach to local communities through pro bono work and community service.