Venable's "Election Watch Group" featured in Washington Business Journal

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The Washington Business Journal prominently featured Venable's "Election Watch Group" in a November fourth story on the presidential election's impact on multiple industries. Members of Venable's diverse legislative and regulatory team, including Former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh, Ray Shepherd, William Donovan, John O'Neill, James Burnley, Richard Powers, Maurice Baskin, Sam Olchyk, Ray Beeman, and Tiffany Moore were featured in the story.

In a news release, which was picked up by more than 100 news websites around the nation, Venable's "Election Watch Group" offered commentary and projections for the industries and issues at the forefront of the 2008 Presidential election. The group said change is the one certainty the results of the presidential election will bring companies.

According to the group, companies will face a new oversight and regulatory environment. Major overhauls to the nation's tax and healthcare systems are on the table. In addition, the nation still faces high-visibility challenges in crafting a plan for an economic recovery and coping with the gyrating energy sector. At the same time, less-visible but just as severe threats, such as the nation's crumbling transportation infrastructure, will demand the attention of the next Administration.