December 23, 2008

Paul Kemp quoted in AmLaw Daily story on DOJ whistleblower

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The December 16, 2008 edition of AmLaw Daily featured a story on Thomas Tamm - the former Department of Justice lawyer who ended his DOJ career when he tipped off the New York Times to a highly classified National Security Agency wire-tapping program. Tamm retained Venable in early 2007 and is being represented by Paul Kemp and Asa Hutchinson.

"We first met with the Justice Department in February 2007," said Kemp. "Since then we've been waiting for them to do something, and while they haven't convened a grand jury for our part of the case, they still haven't dropped the investigation." According to Kemp, Justice Department and FBI investigators have been interviewing individuals close to Tamm as part of their leak investigation as late mid-December 2008.

According to the article, Tamm has been under investigation by the FBI since August 2007, when they raided his Maryland home - seizing computers and documents. Kemp says that Tamm likely won't know whether or not he'll be formally charged until after President-elect Barack Obama's administration takes office next year.