September 30, 2009

Craig Thompson published in The Daily Record on the true risk of under-educated youth

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Venable partner Craig Thompson was published in the September 25, 2009 edition of The Daily Record. Thompson writes a monthly column for the paper - this month's article was titled "The true risk of our under-educated youth."

Thompson writes that too many of our youth have become associated with an over-used label which has caused some in our community to give up hope. The label in question: "At-Risk."

"Instead of calculating actual risk as determined by personal history or actions, we simply calculate risk based on looks, styles of speech, living conditions, neighborhoods and race," he writes. Thompson believes that we should look at ourselves and our own communities when we seek to determine any risk associated with our youth.

"When our young people are angry and frustrated, WE are at risk, because we will feel the effects of their rage. When our young people are failing in schools and in the work force, WE are at risk, because they hold the keys to our future. When our young men are dropping out and failing to set clear goals, WE are at risk, because they will become part of a group of ineligible husbands and fathers."