July 16, 2010

Scott Hommer quoted in the Washington Post on contractor acquisition activity uptick

1 min

The Washington Post recently quoted Government Contracts partner Scott Hommer in an article about the increase in acquisition activity in the government contracting marketplace.

On July 12, the Post reported that after an uncertain economy and a drought in available capital curbed acquisitions, analysts and companies say they now are seeing pickup in activity. According to Hommer, the key to seeing more deals take place is matching buyer and seller expectations, because buyers now expect a bargain.

"I think there's a lot of ready, willing and able buyers out there," said Hommer. "What you don't have is the sellers' expectations kind of catching up with the buyers' expectations."

However, Hommer also warned that it might take time for a full recovery in acquisition activity. "It's not going to be flipping a switch," he said. "It's going to take time, and by time, I don't mean days or weeks but months or maybe yet another year [until] the sellers' expectations line up more with the buyers' expectations."