October 17, 2011

Michael Volpe quoted in Law360 and The National Law Journal on New York Law School suit

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In October 14, 2011 Law360 and The National Law Journal articles, Venable partner Michael Volpe was quoted on a class action suit against New York Law School claiming the school mislead perspective students with inflated job placement and salary statistics.

Commenting on a motion to dismiss filed last week, Volpe, who represents New York Law School, told Law360, “The motion to dismiss at its heart says that the statements made are in compliance with ABA guidelines and are truthful.” Volpe added, “The complaint is arguably an attack on the business of law schools. And we think it's misplaced and certainly unfair to say New York Law School has done anything misleading or fraudulent.”

The National Law Journal quoted Volpe as saying, “The allegations are not only baseless, but also belied by the plaintiffs' own complaint, which demonstrates this case has nothing to do with New York Law School and everything to do with a crusade against the entire law school industry.”

Along with Volpe, New York Law School is also being represented by partner Ed O’Toole and associates Julia Davis and Michael Hartmere.