Jim Burnley discusses future of U.S. transportation on Bloomberg Television

1 min

“We need a mix of public commitment...and we need the entrepreneurs out there who are cutting edge”

Venable partner and former U.S. Secretary of Transporation Jim Burnley appeared on the August 7, 2013 edition of Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” to discuss the future of U.S. Transportation. He also talked about SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s recently announced plans to develop a high speed transportation system known as Hyperloop.

During the interview, Burnley said, “We need a mix of public commitment, particularly to maintain our existing transportation infrastructure, and we need the entrepreneurs out there who are cutting edge.” Speaking about a public-private partnership in the future of transportation, Burnley said a public investment is necessary to maintain our current infrastructure, adding, “We have to be sure our tax policies and other federal policies encourage rather than discourage entrepreneurs and those who have new idea. We don’t want a stagnant transportation sector that would damage the overall economy.”