February 04, 2014

Politico Pro and Bloomberg Businessweek quote David Strickland on proposed talking car mandate

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Venable partner David Strickland was quoted in Politico Pro and Bloomberg Businessweek on February 3, 2014 from his time as administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about a Department of Transportation (DOT) proposal mandating new cars include technology enabling them to communicate with each other. The technology, known as “dedicated short-range communications” could prevent four out of five crashes not involving impaired drivers according to DOT estimates. While the technology would allow cars to exchange safety information such as speed and position, issues related to privacy and security must still be addressed.

Last July, according to Politico Pro, while serving as administrator of NHTSA, Strickland said data from a Michigan test site “will have critical information needed to inform the agency’s decision on whether to proceed with additional activities — to include research, rulemaking or a combination of the two.” A couple of months earlier, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, Strickland said his agency “was looking at whether to regulate crash-imminent braking, a technology featured in a number of luxury models that applies brakes automatically if sensors indicate a crash is about to occur.”