April 25, 2014

Highland Community News quotes David Levy’s Court of Appeals brief on $3.2 billion postage increase

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In an April 16, 2014 article, Highland Community News quoted a brief by Venable partner David Levy to the U.S. Court of Appeals claiming the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) erred last year when it granted a $3.2 billion postage increase to the U.S. Postal Service. The brief was filed on behalf of a national coalition of organizations claiming the Postal Services economic argument for the increase was not caused by the recession but by internet competition.

“The commission’s decision to approve the $3.2 billion rate increase…is rife with anomalies, any one of which is sufficient to justify a remand, and all of which, when considered together, demonstrate the commission was proceeding in a slapdash manner,” the brief read. The coalition asked the court to return the matter to the PRC for reconsideration.