June 24, 2014

New York Times quotes Jamie Barnett on “miscarriage of justice” in Gen. Sinclair sexual assault case

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The New York Times, in a June 20, 2014 article, quoted Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett on Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair’s retirement at a two-rank demotion after receiving a soft sentencing in a sexual assault case. Admiral Barnett and partner Becky Pearson represented an Army captain pro bono against Gen. Sinclair, accusing him of forcing her [a subordinate] to perform sexual acts and of threatening to kill her if she divulged the relationship. Gen. Sinclair pled guilty to a series of lesser charges as a part of a plea deal in exchange for the Army dropping the more serious violence related charges. The judge gave Gen. Sinclair a formal reprimand and fined him $20,000. Gen. Sinclair will now retire two grades lower, which will affect the amount he receives from his benefits.

“General Sinclair deserves this demotion, but he deserves so much more,” said Admiral Barnett. “The Army only gave him a reprimand and a fine for the devastation he wrought. Our military still has a lot to do to ensure this miscarriage of justice does not repeat itself.”