Jim Burnley reacts to congressional power shift and state transportation initiatives in DC Velocity and Fleet Owner

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In a November 5, 2014 DC Velocity article, Venable partner Jim Burnley reacted to the shift in congressional power following Tuesday’s midterm elections and their potential impact on transportation funding. According to Burnley, Republican control of Congress “will make it more likely that a multiyear surface transportation bill can be passed next year.” 

Speaking with Fleet Owner in a November 5 article, Burnley discussed how a series of state initiatives could impact national transportation policy. Citing examples of a Massachusetts vote to repeal the indexing of fuel taxes and the creation of “lock boxes” for transportation funding in Wisconsin and Maryland, Burnley said not to read too much into their impact on national policy. “It’s not likely that the national dynamic will be affected by these various state referendums affecting transportation,” he added. “They don’t have a consistent national theme and are really focused on local needs. I don’t think it too likely that national [policy] inferences will be drawn.”