February 24, 2016

Bloomberg BNA Interviews Ari Schwartz on Non-Attorneys in Law Firm Cybersecurity Practices

1 min

Bloomberg BNA interviewed Venable Managing Director of Cybersecurity Services Ari Schwartz in a February 24, 2016 article on law firms expanding their cybersecurity practices with individuals who are not attorneys. Several leading firms, including Venable, have turned to professionals with technology related backgrounds to bolster their cybersecurity practices and complement attorneys focused on privacy and data security issues.

Schwartz, who joined Venable last October from the White House, described his position as "coalition-building around policy, and doing technical assessments at companies." On joining Venable over a tech company, Schwartz said it was important for companies to think about cybersecurity while prioritizing liability. "Cybersecurity is about managing risk at this point," he added. "There's not some technical magical bullet that's going to solve everything…it's really important that law firms can play that role as a trusted partner and help quarter back the effort."

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