February 25, 2016

MarketWatch Quotes Ashley Craig on Program to Help Foreign Startups Incorporate in the U.S.

1 min

Venable partner Ashley Craig was quoted in a February 25, 2016 MarketWatch article on a new product by payment processor Stripe that allows foreign entrepreneurs to incorporate in the United States. Under the invitation-only program, which is still in beta, companies would be incorporated in Delaware as C-corporations and Stripe would help set up bank accounts and with U.S. taxes. Company owners participating in the program do not have to be U.S. citizens or live in the U.S.

Craig said law firms and other entities have helped international companies establish a presence in the U.S. for years. He acknowledged some companies could misuse the program by setting up shell corporations or committing other types of fraud, but added that is the exception. For most companies, he said, "It sounds like a viable option."

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