Metropolitan Airport News quotes James H. Burnley IV about Air Traffic Control

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James H. Burnley IV, a partner with Venable, was quoted in the August 15, 2016, issue of Metropolitan Airport News for an article about Air Traffic Control funding, reform, and implementation. The long term funding of FAA and the development and installation of the full suite of NextGen systems are at a nexis point. While these issues appear separate, they are really inter-twined since the dissatisfaction of lawmakers about NextGen progress is one of the causes of the short term funding.

Mr. Burnley compared the progress made by EU community and Canada to that of the United States. "Hopefully" he said "after the recent passage of the FAA funding bill, congress can concentrate on allocating funds to building a NAV Canada system here in the United States."

"There is no reason that the Congress, the administration, and the aviation stakeholders cannot come together and create a system that is safe, is attentive to user needs, has reliable and stable funding streams, is cost-effective, and is able to deploy modernization efficiently. Many other nations have done it, so the only remaining question is: Why can’t we?"