January 19, 2017

TheStreet quotes Kara Ward on Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin’s confirmation hearings

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Venable counsel Kara Ward was quoted in a January 19, 2017, article in TheStreet on the confirmation hearings of Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of the Treasury. During his hearing before the Senate Finance Committee, Mnuchin faced tough questioning from Democrats over the foreclosure practices of a mortgage lending company he owned during the financial crisis. Mnuchin also faced questions over undisclosed assets and a range of policies involving the debt ceiling, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Volcker Rule among others.

Ward speculated that the amount of time Senate Democrats spent questioning Mnuchin on his mortgage lending company would ultimately prove unwise. “[It will be] perhaps to the detriment of other major policy issues that the Treasury will be facing over the next four years,” she said.