September 05, 2018

Law360 and the New York CityBizList feature Lawrence Mandelker's arrival to Venable

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Lawrence Mandelker's arrival to Venable as counsel in the Tax and Wealth Planning Practice in the New York office was featured in Law360 on August 28, 2018, and in the New York CityBizList on August 27, 2018. Mr. Mandelker's practice focuses on representing high-net-worth individuals in the multigenerational transfer of assets; asset preservation; business succession planning; minimization of estate, gift, and income taxes; and the preparation of wills and trust agreements. Mandelker brings more than a decade of experience representing clients in individual and fiduciary capacities regarding probate matters, the administration of trusts and estates, and estate and trust litigation.

"I work with my clients on their estate planning and administration, so I try to help my clients prepare and make plans for the future that address their needs. Our clients are individuals, not companies, so we deal with a lot of high-net-worth individuals and high-profile people," Mr. Mandelker told Law360 about his practice.