November 16, 2018

Billboard quotes Belinda Vega about the path to a more diverse music industry

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On November 16, 2018, Belinda Vega was quoted in an article in Billboard about the ways to increase diversity in the music industry during the panel, "Out of Business: Does the Touring Business Need an Inclusivity Rider?" at the Billboard Live Music Summit and Awards.

According to the article, the panelists noted and agreed that inclusivity riders, which are a valuable tool for addressing the touring industry’s continued inequities, could be used by artists, talent agencies, and tour promoters to require greater diversity on everything from stage crews to festival lineups. The panel also suggested other, more immediate ways to facilitate change and challenge the status quo, such as proactive hiring practices and training programs.

Vega spoke of Venable's involvement in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, which works to create greater opportunities for women and people of color pursuing careers in legal professions. "We believe in the pipeline," she said. "You've got to make sure you nurture your talent so people can't make the excuse, 'There's no qualified women partners; there's no qualified minorities to go up the ranks.'" She also called out the common industry practice of unpaid internships as a barrier to greater diversity, since only those from more privileged backgrounds can afford to work for no pay.