November 06, 2018

Inside Cybersecurity quotes Ari Schwartz in an article about the state of the public-private partnership model on cybersecurity

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On November 6, 2018, Ari Schwartz was quoted in an article in Inside Cybersecurity about how senior DHS and NIST officials are expressing strong confidence with the public-private partnership model on cybersecurity while industry experts point to developments and challenges in the space.

"For the most part, the public-private partnership is stronger than ever," said Mr. Schwartz. "The NIST Cybersecurity Framework demonstrates a great model for a successful partnership. The CSF is in widespread use among many industries. The release and support for CSF profiles in financial services and health care demonstrates this."

Schwartz presented at the NIST conference on the Coalition's "Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation Profile." He said: "DHS' recent work on supply chain shows that government realizes it can't be successful in security without the private sector. They have been doing educational [work] beyond the Sector Coordinating Council structure to get more participation, which I've always thought would be the key to their success."

Schwartz added, "The botnet report that came out earlier this year demonstrated agencies taking leading roles but also deferring to industry where appropriate. ... There is always room for improvement. I think DHS can build on what they've done on supply chain to engage with a broader set of industry participants in other areas. I think NIST's Privacy Framework will be a big test whether the CSF model can work in other areas. But I continue to be optimistic about the path to success."