January 10, 2019

Roll Call quotes Ari Schwartz on how cybersecurity may suffer as the shutdown persists

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On January 10, 2019, Ari Schwartz was quoted in Roll Call on how the partial government shutdown may be making some key federal departments and agencies that are running with very thin staffs more vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches.

A prolonged government closure could disrupt broader cybersecurity policy efforts, said Mr. Schwartz.

The public-private partnership between government entities such as NIST, which formulates cyber standards, and private companies is essential to securing computer networks around the country and could be hurt as the shutdown drags on, Schwartz said.

Delays to long-term policy efforts could be recovered if the shutdown were to last only a couple of weeks, but longer closures could “overwhelm the system and set back public-private partnerships by quite a long time,” Schwartz said.  “Each month of closure is probably magnified by two months” of delays and setbacks.

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