April 08, 2019

Los Angeles Business Journal Recognizes Celeste Brecht and Michele Mulrooney among Its "Most Influential Women Attorneys" for 2019

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On April 8, 2019, the Los Angeles Business Journal published its list of the "Most Influential Women Attorneys for 2019," which included Venable partners Celeste Brecht and Michele Mulrooney. Below are excerpts from the publication.

About Celeste Brecht: "She has won numerous dispositive motions in advance of trial, and has managed cases from inception through appeal in commercial business disputes, employment matter, and products and premises liability cases for clients ranging in size from regional business entities to Fortune 50 companies."

About Michele Mulrooney: "Her reputation as a trusted confidant and exceptional lawyer is based on her ability to balance the legal and personal complexities that exist at the intersection of family and corporate law for high-profile individuals."