May 08, 2019

Bay Area Reporter Covers Venable’s Representation of Pro Bono Client in Lawsuit Against the City of Pittsburg and Its Police Department

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On May 8, 2019, Bay Area Reporter covered Venable's representation of its pro bono client, Larry R. Reasoner, in a lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California against the City of Pittsburg and City of Pittsburg Police Department. This case involves the unlawful seizure and destruction of nearly everything Mr. Reasoner owned under the guise of a nuisance abatement. Prior to abating the property, the police directed that Mr. Reasoner be involuntarily taken into the custody of a psychiatric unit for a 72-hour hold. Venable has alleged that the city discriminated against the Mr. Reasoner on the basis of his sexual orientation for being openly gay.

"There's a long history between Mr. Reasoner and Officer DuPont," said Tyler Welti. "We're focused on the most recent and pertinent issues: the improper service and execution of this warrant, the destruction of nearly everything Reasoner owns, and the loss of his home and property."

Mr. Reasoner is represented by Tyler Welti and Greg Berlin.